"[Macbeth's] Fight choreographer Eric Domuret makes the violent confrontations so real that you want to scream for a medic."  - Punch Shaw DFW.com

"[Romeo and Juliet Director Eric] Domuret has wisely decided to mine this classic for wit and good-humor,." - Jim J. Tommaney Houston Press

"His talent as an actor definitely shows throughout the performance." Richard Blake The Column

"Eric Domuret plays Valjean, in a flawless performance, singing with power and resonance, and with a crystal-clear intelligence making Valjean come alive . . ." - Jim J. Tommaney Houston Press

"Macbeth . . . had the year's best fight choreography."

Mark Lowry Theatre Jones

"Domuret is an impressive Irish tenor who infuses every note with tender nuances of his good-hearted character." - Elaine Liner Dallas Observer

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